Vi har varit på kosläpp i helgen. Det är ju en så himla mysig tradition. Vi satt i gräset, åt picknic och tittade på de glada korna som släppts ut. De är ju så väldigt sociala också, de går liksom runt som att de hälsar på folk. 
// We have a quite nice tradition in sweden in the spring, we go and look at the cows when they are let out in the garden to graze for the summer. We went to so see the cows here near by let out and they are so happy, jumping and strutting around- so cute! we had picknic of course and more swdish could'nt the moment be with cold milk and cinnamon buns. Nomnon. If you're ever in sweden during spring, around May, I would recommend to visit a "cow-release". Its a fun activity and typically swedish, if youre touristing. 
Do you have any of these typically "spring-traditions" in your countries? If you do please let me know :D :D 
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